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Hive Check

I’ve installed my new bees. Now what? Make sure you’re feeding your colony 1-1 ratio of sugar and water, they will go through it rather quickly as they build up comb getting ready for spring nectar flow. You will see that when the nectar flow begins they will stop using the sugar water. From the beginning of colony build up to the start of nectar flow, examine the hives weekly. Examine the brood, food stores and, if possible, we always like to see the queen if time permits! Look for signs of disease, swarming or anything else needing your attention. Check your hives when the weather is most favorable. Calm sunny days are best as bees behaviors are influenced by weather, good or bad! The best time of day to open the hive is from mid morning to mid afternoon with temps above 70 degrees. Field bees are out foraging and others are busy working, fewer bees in the hive make it easier to inspect.

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