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Prime Real Estate...

Who doesn't want a prime piece of land for a homestead?

Your beehives should be placed in the best spot possible but if there is no perfect place then consider this list of criteria with the first one being the most important.


It is best to place your hive where there is not a threat to people or animals. If it is close to a walking path then putting a fence or wall of some sort would force the bees to fly up and over human heads. Do not place hives near a pet kennel or chained area where a pet can not flee if they are attacked. You don't want the hive to be in a location that would interfere with other life. For bee safety do not put hives inside a cattle fence, they will knock them over. Fence the hives off completely if you live in an area with bears.


I can not stress enough how important it is for the hive to be placed where the beekeeper can drive right up to it! When supers are full you do not want to have to carry them any distance as a deep could weigh as much as 90 pounds and a medium around 48 pounds. The same applies to feeding supplies and or equipment. Carrying anything a long distance is tiring and does not make any sense! And the closer your hives are to home the more attention you can give them.


Go for a place with a lot of options; flowers, fruit, trees. The more they have to choose from, the better! Bees will travel far beyond the bee yard and the more choices they have the more honey you harvest.


Personally, the sun makes me happy! I feel it makes the bee's happy and healthy too. South facing the hives helps them to warm up quickly in the morning and have full exposure all day.


Keeping your hive out of the wind helps with winter chill, and lessen the chance of the lids blowing off or even damage from high winds. If a windbreak is not available, you can construct one from fencing, hay bales or anything on hand.


Do not put your hive in a low-lying area where dense fog, dampness, cold pockets or chance of flooding may occur. You don't want to have to move them!


Depending on the climate where you are located, in a very hot climate it may be best to give your hive some afternoon shade, but don't sweat it!

And there you have it! Try not to over think placement. Mostly sunny, convenient and not in the way!

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